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Reverend Jon Saint Germain is an author, Spiritual Counselor, and Rootworker from Knoxville Tennessee. His other written works include Runic Palmistry, Karmic Palmistry, Love in the Palm of your Hand, and Crystal Magic: Divination, Healing, and Spellcraft with Gems and Minerals.



The I Ching, the 3500 year old oracle, is to Chinese culture what the Bible is to Christian culture. The term I Ching means "Book of Changes," and refers to the idea that everything is in a constant flux of transformation from one state of being to another.

This useful interpretation by Reverend Jon Saint Germain is intended for spiritual and psychological purposes and can be incorporated into one-on-one counseling sessions or simply consulted for personal guidance. Several quick and easy methods are included for constructing Hexagrams, the essential means of inquiry for the I Ching, as well as the traditional Yarrow Stick and Three-Coin Methods. The "fast methods" with practice can enable you to construct and locate the essential Hexagram in under one minute.
This book comes in four limited edition formats:
1. Kindle, which is especially formatted for ease of use with mobile or tablet. Click HERE to buy on AMAZON

2. Prestige Hardback with slipcover, for professional use. $25 + $5 Shipping
3. Casewrap, also for professional use. $18+ $5 Shipping
4. Soft-cover Paperback, for incidental use. $15 + $5 Shipping

If you want to purchase multiple formats let me know before you purchase. Also, if you want these books autographed, please let me know.


In my I Ching Interpretation, several quick and easy methods are included for constructing Hexagrams, which require certain items. This kit contains everything you require to perform the Crowly Stick Casting, the six coin casting, and the Bagua coin casting. To be more specific, you receive:
  • Six casting sticks
  • Eight antique Chinese coins (not die-cut feng-shui coins)
  • One large Bagua coin.
This are currently available for $45 + $5 Shipping. I only have five THREE of these at this time, so e-mail me for availability.



Consists of approximately 24 assorted coins for divination. Set will be selected for variety in countries of origin, size, metals and diversity of symbols. It will be similar, but not identical to, the one shown. This set will be based on techniques presented in my upcoming Lithomancy book, but of course you're free to use them in whatever style you wish. There will be "people" coins representing the Questioner, parents, children, friends, rivals; coins for topics such as Love, Work, Obstacles, Prosperity, and others. Will probably be $45 + $5 postage, and if you saw how many coins I had to buy to assemble a few sets, you'd consider that cheap.


RUNIC PALMISTRY (Click here to buy on AMAZON)

KARMIC PALMISTRY (Click here to buy on AMAZON)

LOVER's GUIDE TO PALMISTRY (Click here to buy on AMAZON)

CRYSTAL MAGIC $10 + $5 shipping (Click HERE to buy from ME)



  On January 20th, 2009, Jon Saint Germain was the featured PALM READER at the Inauguration of Barrack Obama! Click HERE to read the letter from the Joint Chiefs of Staff!


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